Business Spaces

As in previous years, Semana del Seguro 2016 will once again offer all participants an exhibition area near the conference rooms, where a wide range of companies will have their corresponding business space from which they will be able to interact directly and personally with all the event participants and present their services, products and promotions.

This area is the perfect place for networking in a comfortable and relaxed way.


We are Allianz Global Assistance, an Allianz group company, and we are here to help, as we have been for more than 60 years. As one of the leading assistance companies in the world, we assist people 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Both in B2B and B2B2C, more than 250 million beneficiaries worldwide have placed their trust in our solutions for the Automotive, Warranty Extension, Home, Legal Defence, Health and Travel sectors. To improve our relations with the mediation channel, we have also developed an extensive portfolio of individual products in Travel Lines, Legal Defence and Roadside Assistance which will continue to grow with more products and more business lines.


We live in a digital world, connected and ever-changing. Clients want new ways of communicating with and relating to their insurance companies. In our business space, we at Aon and Inithealth, want to share the latest innovations and solutions that we are developing for this new insurance client. We present initiatives with a difference, that are created to meet individual needs as they arise to gain the loyalty of and establish links with clients through e-health and wellness platforms, wearables and connectible devices or gamification. We look forward to discussing with you the new opportunities that the digital transformation of health and well-being offer.

  • Health and well-being platform
  • Wearables and connectible devices
  • E-health and wellness strategies


Assisto is the market leader in Europe in digital accident statement reporting. Through an intuitive app that is quick and easy to use, drivers can report any type of accident to their insurance company, broker and/or rental company. Available in more than 30 countries. We reduce FNOL from days to minutes, we reduce fraud through geotag photographs, we minimise errors and we improve the customer’s experience.


The Spanish Insurance Compensation Consortium (Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros, or CCS) will offer all visitors a copy of the latest issue of its “Recopilación legislativa” (Legislative compilation), which includes legislation on extraordinary risks cover, motor liability, multiperil crop insurance and winding-up activity. Other publications, such as the new edition of the extraordinary risk cover explanatory booklet will also be available.

At Semana del Seguro 2016, the DELL Services area will première its Internet of Things accelerator for insurance companies in Spain. The accelerator is specially designed to help insurance companies to easily create new products and services for their clients keeping them to the forefront of the insurance market which is becoming increasingly more technological and competitive.
DELL’s IoT accelerator combines specialised consultancy services, hardware and infrastructure, analysis software, security and BPO services to equip insurance companies with the components needed to quickly put in place new solutions based on the IoT and includes innovative concepts such as “Insurance as a Service”, dynamic pricing and prescriptive analysis.


New to Semana del Seguro, Digital Asesores will present its mobile device repair services for smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc., that is specially adapted to the insurance sector so companies can continue to offer value added services to their clients. Our services cover the repair of accidental damage, liquid damage, replacement in the event of theft and refurbishment.
We will also be presenting our electric damage recovery services, incorporated into our traditional electric damage repair services.
Finally, we will showcase the ample knowledge and services in the electric damage world, which makes Digital Asesores the “EXPERTS IN ELECTRIC DAMAGE”.
In summary, we offer the broadest catalogue of specialist services for the insurance sector, within the world of technical and electric damage repair. Find out how we can help your company to offer the best service at the most competitive average price on the market.

Progressive digitisation of the sector and the high internet penetration have led client acquisition techniques to evolve in the insurance sector.
El Comparador´s solution is a powerful digital client acquisition tool which is to be launched in Spain during Semana del Seguro.
Its operation is extremely simple: All potential clients we acquire are identified through our forms and are geotagged. In this way we generate client files that are sent in real time to insurance brokers, mediators and agents that are registered with the service.
There are no fixed costs or ties and it is free to register with El Comparador, which has been a market leader in France in the insurance sector for the past 9 years.
More than 2,500 professionals and insurance brokers trust our effective, impartial and independent solution: we have had 1,400,000 success stories in 2015!


LIMRA and its European partner INOV Finance offer you the possibility to know your selling style or that of your team. Our technology measures key personality components such as achievement orientation, self confidence, leadership, persuasiveness, persistence, and concern for others. Come to visit us and learn more about it. LIMRA is the worldwide leading association for life insurance companies with over 1,200 members in 87 countries. It offers training, research and consulting services.
Do you want to know more about LIMRA? Visit us at


Lloyd’s is a global specialist in the insurance market and does business in more than 200 countries and territories. We are often the top insurance provider for new or complex risks, providing tailored insurance solutions on a local and global scale. Lloyd’s unique structure gives companies of all sizes quick access to specialised knowledge that is backed by excellent financial strength and ratings (A with A.M. Best, A + with Standard & Poor’s and AA- with Fitch). In this way, policyholders can rest assured that Lloyd’s is fully capable of satisfying valid claims. Lloyd’s has been developing new insurance products to meet the constantly changing needs of its clients for more than 325 years. Lloyd’s expert underwriters continue to offer tailored cover using their ample experience and knowledge.


MailTecK is since 1994 a leading provider in the multichannel individualised communication solutions and services insurance sector (paper, email, sms, mobile and internet), with clients both for marketing and transactions. Customer Comms grew from MailtecK as a consultancy company that integrates and introduces solutions for managing and storing shared and interactive individualised communications and documents in any format (text, document, audio, video) between companies, agents, mediators, repair shops, surveyors, channel and clients.


Metrópolis Seguros will be present at Semana del Seguro, the reference meeting place for professionals in the insurance sector, where it hopes to consolidate its commitment to insurance mediation. With more than 70 years’ experience in the insurance sector Metrópolis Seguros has become one of the most solvent insurance companies in the Spanish market, and believes in mediation as the main partner in its business project, jointly creating specific products that satisfy the real needs of its clients. Metrópolis Seguros will be delighted to meet with mediators in our business space during Semana del Seguro.

Millennium is a company that specialises in developing programs for Free Provision of Services through Underwriting Agencies and brokers under the premise of providing excellent service and products adapted to the needs of its clients.
In Spain it operates its business through the Underwriting Agency OM Suscripción de Riesgos. According to data for recent years, Millennium has become a leading company in the Surety Insurance sector in Spain, leading the ICEA (Cooperative Research between Insurance Entities and Pension Funds) ranking for this sector, as well as showing the highest growth rate in Spain with an impressive volume of premiums, solvency and benefits.
Millennium looks at the client´s individual requirements in order to give personalised and unique cover. Adapting to client needs in this way makes Millennium an expert in developing business plans.
The key to its success is based on bringing out the best in the individual to ensure the best team work and the best results for its clients.


Multiasistencia is a Spanish multinational that specialises in claims management for home, business, communities and warranty extension for insurance companies. It is a market leader in the countries in which it operates: Spain, Portugal, France, Brazil and Italy. It offers maintenance, review and installation services, in addition to other added value services, based on digitisation and data intelligence, which help to enhance the policies of its client companies. Multiasistencia has a clear vocation for knowing its insurance clients, traceability and transparency of information, as key aspects of its activity and as a basis for developing tailored solutions that enhance the user’s experience and thus allow the insurance company to foster customer loyalty and to grow its business.

The Octo group is a pioneer and global leader in telematic service provision in Motor Vehicle Insurance and in sectors such as rental and motor vehicle manufacturing. It works with more than 151 corporate clients. It currently serves more than 3.8 million policyholders, offering “pay as you use” and “pay as you drive” services, accident management, eCall and vehicle recovery in the event of theft. Thanks to its broad experience, Octo offers insurance carriers a methodology for adopting telematics, which allows them to introduce innovative telematic policy solutions, minimising the impact on current processes and maximising financial gain. We are your best ally for success in the market


Hyland Software provides corporate solutions to the insurance industry with OnBase, a business content software solution that is deployed rapidly. We combine the administration of documents, management of records and automation of business processes in a single solution. With OnBase, insurance organisations can efficiently manage all their content, from scanned documents, faxes, print queues, application files and electronic files to internet content, multimedia files, emails and industry standard files. More than 600 insurance companies in the world use OnBase to gain a competitive advantage through modernised processes, reduced costs, greater internal controls, audit assistance and better customer service.


Plus Ultra Seguros continues to place its full confidence in insurance mediation as its main sales channel, focussing all its efforts on procuring quality service and top value for its clients, based on personalised advice offered by professional mediators. In this regard, Plus Ultra Seguros works alongside professional mediators offering them the best tools and supporting them with the backing of a large group, Grupo Catalana Occidente. Plus Ultra Seguros wants to attend the 23rd Semana del Seguro, to continue to forge links between Company and Mediator and, in this way, increase the benefits for our clients.


PLAN RENOVE SEGUROS-SERVICIOS F.T. has been designed and developed by professionals in the mediation sector as an exclusive tool for Red Corredores Tesoro with a collaborative and solidarity based economy concept, joining forces with other productive sectors and providing aid to those in need.
Awarded the Gema II Commercial Innovation Insurance prize, opens new and revolutionary means of communication to a sector weighed down by atomicity, by the lack of “non traditional” initiatives.
All of this reinforces operational independence, gaining the true loyalty of each client whilst driving business growth from profitability and being a reference.


Sia Services represents the multinational SIA s.p.a. in Spain. With more than 30 years of experience exclusively in the insurance sector we develop innovative solutions for markets in Europe and Latin America.
We offer “turnkey” or Cloud solutions in insurance and reinsurance management software, both for companies and their agents as well as for mediators. We also develop and manage internet projects of all types: sites, comparators, portal news, landing pages for campaigns, etc.


Soft QS is an active participant in Semana del Seguro 2016 and will present at its Business Space the technological evolution for 2016, QS CLOUD, where all technology is integrated into the cloud and available on different devices: PCs, smartphones and tablets. QS CLOUD integrates ISegur, the management software for mediators with a clear commercial focus, ICanal, the evolution of the premium rate calculator towards a marketplace that allows internet business opportunities and all types of WEB services to be harnessed.

The insurance sector is experiencing a digital transformation where the client is the centre and strategic focus of the business, where customer experience is a differential value and omnichannelism and collaboration are fundamental components. SOPRA and MICROSOFT offer solutions for insurance companies that simplify and facilitate this transformation: through a 360 degree view of its clients, with information that is unified and available from any location, facilitating collaboration between the different work teams and providing unique client experiences. Solutions that increase the productivity and efficacy of sales and customer service teams, which gain customer loyalty and facilitate quick and easy digital transformation.